Cider: Gwyneth's first album on Blue Rose Music!
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Gwyneth's Bio:

Gwyneth Moreland’s gift for open-hearted storytelling is perfectly suited to the modern art of folk music.  No wonder, then, that “Slaughterhouse Gulch“ - the first single from her album, Ceilings, Floors and Open Doors - landed her on the Folk Airplay charts. 

Now she is on to her next album,
Cider. Once again, she has filled her album with songs of love, laughter and life. And, once again, radio stations and streaming services such as Spotify and Pandora, plus publications like American Songwriter and Bluegrass Situation are embracing Gwyneth's newest music.

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here. Like Ceilings Floors and Open Doors, folk radio has embraced Gwyneth's latest music: in its first week, Cider hit the airplay charts, (WNS Music Group; Folk Alliance Charts www.folk.org) and remains there - and climbing! -all these months later.

Returning to work with David Hayes at the Shack In The Back studio near her home on the Mendocino Coast, Gwyneth brought along a cast of family and friends to help craft
Cider, filling this latest work with songs of power, truth and joy, many co-written with her husband Skyler Hinkle.

Gwyneth’s songs flow with a graceful simplicity infused with the ambience of her home in rural California.  Perched in the majestic redwoods and fog of the Mendocino Coast, within view of mountains and waves, Gwyneth’s home is filled with love, family (and an assortment of farm animals!) as well as the atmosphere of the rugged North Coast.  She brings all of this to her music.  Her songs fill the listener with love, heartbreak and the joy and pain of a life well-lived. In her songs one can feel the warmth of the sun through the ocean’s mist, and hear … indeed, almost smell … the sea.

Her original songs and meticulously-arranged covers provide the perfect setting for Gwyneth’s achingly beautiful voice; her remarkable range and supple tones are the result both of an exceptional talent and of years of experience as a vocalist.  First, growing up, singing in church, then maturing into a young teen frequently called on for harmonies or as a soloist with a compelling, sanctuary-silencing voice, by her 16th birthday, Gwyneth was carrying the lead vocals for her older brother’s traditional folk group, Foxglove. Just a few years later, she was recording her first collection of original songs.  In addition to her solo career, Gwyneth continues to sing with Foxglove and, a couple of years ago, added the multi-generational Folk/Americana outfit The Mendocino Quartet to her resume.  The Quartet repertoire features Gwyneth’s agile vocals and original songs as well as those of Gene Parsons (Byrds, Flying Burrito Brothers) and David Hayes (Van Morrison, Jesse Colin Young) plus their newest bandmate Steven Bates.  

Gwyneth’s introduction to this dedicated group of talented singer-songwriters came through her work with David Hayes. Together, Moreland and Hayes created Ceilings, Floors and Open Doors, and, now, Cider.

Cider incorporates many of the special touches of Ceilings, Floors, and Open Doors; recorded live, for the most part; captured in the moment with minimal production. The solid instrumentation provides a foundation for the journey as Gwyneth’s exquisite voice and songs escort the listener through each song’s special landscape.  Inspired by artists like Gillian Welch, Nanci Griffith and Billie Holiday, Gwyneth describes her music as folk with jazz influences.  She has worked in the folk /Americana genre since her debut performances with Foxglove. The jazz influences began to seep in when she started playing with bassist / producer Hayes, who also recorded and mixed both albums at his home studio, lovingly called “The Shack In The Back”. Theirs is a rare alchemy: blending veteran Hayes’s deep experience and melodic playing with Gwyneth’s lyrically rich songs and unique vocal performances, creating nuances that highlight the musical subtleties and giving each song color and breadth. The albums are capped off with the mastering styles of Karl Derfler (Tom Waits, No Doubt, Bob Dylan, Dave Matthews Band).

Through her years on the road, Gwyneth’s unique and captivating songs and voice have created devoted fans across the U.S. and, with her latest albums, she has been building a strong base in the U.K. and Europe, too.  Her journey as a musician, songwriter and performer is still young.  We are fortunate to have many more years of her work to anticipate and relish.